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Caring for Your Acrylic

Installing and Caring for Your Acrylic Print

1.  Avoid hanging the print in a location opposite a window or other light source that will cause glare.
2.  To bring out the full colors and vibrancy of the image, spotlighting is highly recommended.
3.  To install, attach the included nail hangers to your wall so that the bottom of each hanger is 6” below where you want the top of the artwork and the spacing between hangers matches the distance between the X’s on the frame brackets.  It is not necessary to nail into a stud.  Then, hang the artwork with the hangers catching inside the hollow square of the frame brackets.  You can fine tune the vertical adjustment of each side by loosening the screws holding the frame brackets and sliding them up or down as necessary.
4.  The acrylic surface may be dusted with a soft, damp cloth.  Water with a small amount of dishwashing detergent may be used if necessary, followed by rinsing with clear water.  Do not use window cleaning sprays, and take care to avoid getting any liquids on the edges of the piece.

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